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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Kindness of Others

There is kindness in the world all around us.  It can turn a normal day or experience into something really special and unexpected.  It can certainly make the world a better place.

Truth be told, I was touched by the kindness of others this weekend.  After feeling burnt out at the very start of my weekend with too much to do, I thought what I really needed to do was focus on getting everything done.  However, this was actually the problem and not the solution.  There were other plans taking shape for me.

Through the kindness of others, I ended up having a phenomenal day on Saturday, doing exactly what I needed to be doing - which surprisingly, had nothing to do with my to-do list.  Instead, it consisted of driving around in the country, feeding calves and cows and playing with the bulls in the warm, fresh air - with a friend who generously donated his time so that my family and I could enjoy.  

Through the kindness of others, I was able to photograph our visit with the bulls and calves, even through the batteries in our camera died just a short time into our visit.

Through the kindness of others, I was also able to purchase a beautiful wallet at a local rodeo that my daughter really wanted for her birthday, even though they only accepted cash and we were $1.80 short after hitting the concession stands several times.

Through the kindness of others, I was still able to get most of my work done anyway - on our rainy, stay-home day.

The kindness of others can be a pretty powerful gift.   The kindness in the world can really be astounding if you are not too busy to notice it.  It is all around us. I hope that you will be able to recognize the kindness of others when appears before you.  May you not be too busy, too rushed, or too focused to see the gift that is before you.  After, may you pass it on so that others too, may enjoy...

Have a wonderful Monday!

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