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Monday, May 23, 2011

Creating a Sanctuary

We all need a place to escape to.  Think about it:  where is the one place where you feel most at peace?  Where you know you are meant to be, and where you are truly happy?  Got it?  Now hold onto that thought...

I know its not possible for us to always be in "that place."  Vacations cost a lot of money, there is work, family, and many other obligations.   However, we still need a place to escape to within our home - a place where we can go to recharge and renew.  Because we all know life is not perfect.  We all need a sanctuary - do you have a space where you only allow good in?

Creating a sanctuary within your  home is very important.  I strongly suggest you make it in the bedroom, where you spend a good 1/3 of your day.  If it's not a peaceful place, you are missing the benefits of some serious relaxation.  Here are some steps to get you going on the right path:

     - I would suggest you begin by eliminating as many things as you can from your room.  A workspace in your bedroom is not conducive to relaxation.  Banish all projects, bills, paperwork, kids toys, laundry, etc.  Anything that does not promote relaxation needs to be relocated to a "working" part of the home.

     - Replace with things that DO promote relaxation -- you know that place of yours that you thought of in the beginning of this post?  Do you have pictures or souvenirs of that place?  This is how your sanctuary will come to life.  Anything that helps you relax - plants, candles, comfortable blankets, are all helpful options.  Do the same if you have an adjoining bathroom.  Make it as inviting and cozy as possible.  Make it like a mini-vacation from the working areas of your house.

     - Another helpful hint:  try not to watch violent shows (including the news) in your room.  This is supposed to be a peaceful place, remember?  Negative influences will disrupt the peaceful mood you are trying to create.  The same goes for arguments, stressful conversations and even kids running around.

Your sanctuary should be straightened every morning before you leave, so it is always relaxing and inviting when you return.  Fill it with fresh air as much as possible.

    Thought of the Day:  Do you have a sanctuary?  It does not have to cost a lot to create one, but will be a HUGE investment in living a more positive lifestyle.  Think about how you can incorporate your favorite place into an area within your home.  We get minimal time to relax in our lives - we've got to make it as beneficial as we can!

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. It is my Bedroom! The only thing I do have to do is not watch the news, because it is only bad news! Thank you for this positive thought today and you have a wonderful day too! :)

    2. That's awesome! :-) My bedroom didn't use to be this way years ago, and my nights back then were anything but relaxing! I am anal about my room -- and yes, we do call it "The Sanctuary"! HA HA! :-)