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Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day - We Remember

Memorial Day is about giving thanks.  It's about remembering and honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

On this Memorial Day, please remember that freedom isn't free.  That we here are today because of all those have fought and served, and those who continue to serve - in order to protect our freedom.

The veterans who fought for our country were amongst the most humble and modest people.  I had two grandfathers who fought in World War II.  They never talked about what they did, but you knew the pain was there.  They were just young men at the time of the war, and they saw and experienced a lot for their youth.  The grew up fast.  They learned quickly how tomorrow isn't guaranteed, as they saw it taken from so many of their friends.

Please remember to give thanks to those who sacrificed it all for each and every one of us.  Hang your flag.  Visit a local cemetary and place flags on the veterans graves.  If you see a veteran, thank him!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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