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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cultivating Positivity

I've been coming across this saying a lot this week, so I felt it appropriate to share.  It reminds us to only keep company with thoughts we want, and habits that support the lifestyle we want to lead.  It also reminds us to keep positive thoughts and words if we are trying to lead a positive lifestyle, for negative thoughts and words will contradict what we are trying to achieve.  

Amazing things can be produced from taking small steps and making small changes.  The power of belief is HUGE.  Essentially, we become what we believe.  Our beliefs must be in alignment with what we want and hope to achieve.  

Anyway, I believe this little saying is very well statedEnjoy!

Watch your thoughts, 
they become words.

Watch your words, 
they become actions. 

Watch your actions, 
they become habits.

Watch your habits, 
they become character.

Watch your character, 
it becomes your destiny.

Have a wonderful day!

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