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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Power of Many

I have learned there is power in numbers.  What one can do, several can do faster.  When you combine many working together towards a common goal, the effects might astound you.

Last month, I participated in a building a community garden.  Gardening and I don't exactly have a favorable past.  My attempts in recent years have amounted to a handful of beans, strawberries with bird bites in them, and rotten, moldy eggplants.  However somehow, my daughter who was 8 last summer was able to literally throw some cucumber seeds into the ground, and produce an abundant crop.  That's why I decided to participate.

The community gardening project was eye opening because through it, I learned that when people unite to work together towards a common goal, amazing things happen.  Everyone donated their time and knowledge and worked together and empowered one another.  My garden at the community center is doing well.  Next year I will be able to build my garden in my backyard, with unprecedented results.

Sometimes in life things seem complicated, and sometimes, they just are.  Life IS complicated.  We all have different strengths, knowledge, and skill sets.  When people join together, they can help one another and teach one another.  Together we can tackle many things, effortlessly.  I know what a difference it can make in the time it takes me to straighten my house alone, as opposed to when all five of us family members are working together.

Thought of the day:  Is there some area of your life where you could use some help?  Feel free to reach out and ask for it.  Remember there is power in groups.  There is no shame in asking for help.  In the garden of life, it is sometimes beneficial to ask for help.

Have a great day!

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