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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Charity Starts at Home

A wise person recently stated that "charity starts at home."  Think about that for a's very true.

In the grand scheme of things, we can make the most impact with the ones that we spend most of our time with -- our children and our spouse.  

Our children need our attention, and they also need our direction.  They need us to show them the way.  They need us to show them how things should be done.  They are the future of this world we live in, and they can make the most difference.

If we focus on the children, they will teach those they come in contact with...and so it will continue.  Our children will model what they observe at home - and teach not only their generation, but their children's generation. It will continue on to future generations from there.

It does no good to expend our resources elsewhere, if we are neglecting those at home that need our help the most.  The starting point should always be at home...Love begins at home...peace begins at home...everything good begins at home.

Once we are doing our part at home, we can move forward with our family, bringing our gifts to the world.  

Thought of the Day:  Sharing and charity are wonderful gifts that we can give.  Make sure your starting point is always at home.  That's where love begins!

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