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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Traveling the Right Road

A friend of mine recently said "There is a road that one chooses to travel, but always remember there is no turning back once you head down it."  I couldn't agree more.  You have to always look ahead - way ahead, to make sure it's the right road that has the right decisions and consequences for your life.

I've seen so many instances lately of people who took the wrong road, and are still traveling around clueless.  It's like they are on the road to life, but without any sense of direction, or even a map.  What a tough place to place yourself!  

If you wouldn't go on a trip across the country without a map, why would you travel on the road of life without first examining where you are going, and if the consequence of traveling in that direction will lead to a desirable outcome?  I know we've all done this in the past...but those who learn from their mistakes become wiser.  Those who don't, well, become lost.  

We must remain strong and focused on our path.  Just as we wouldn't veer off to different directions if we were on a road trip, we shouldn't do that in life without first examining the consequences.  Only WE can be responsible for OUR life and OUR outcome.  There is no one else to blame.   

Thought of the Day:  Are you on the right path?  Will the road you're traveling on lead to your desired outcome or location in life?  As one of the most phenomenal 70's band sang:  "There's still time to change the road you're on."  

Have a great day!

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