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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Way We View The World

"The way we choose to see the world 
creates what we see."
Author Unknown

I don't think I could possibly agree more with this quote.  The way we choose to see the world does create what we see.  Think about it:  If you only choose to see the negative, that is all you will see, while the positive things in life will just pass you by, unnoticed.

The opposite is also true.  If you choose to only pay mind to the positive, the negative will mostly pass you by.  This is how I choose to live.  I can tell you from having been on the other side, this is a much better place.

There will always be negative and positive parts to every day.  No matter what, every day is still a gift from God.  Given the choice, I'd rather focus on the positive things that happen each day.  It makes for a grateful heart.

Thought of the Day:  How are YOU choosing to see YOUR world?  Is it producing positive results for you?  Once you start seeing only the positive things, you'll be surprised at just how many you see!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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