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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making an Impact

I overheard a heartwarming conversation recently that I just had to share.  At a t-ball game, a coach from the opposing team approached a dad who was sitting beside me.  He recognized this guy as possibly being someone he met a long time ago when he was a kid/young teen.  Once he knew this guy was indeed who he thought, he proceeded to inquire about the gentleman's father. 

I could tell the coach, who I would guess to be somwhere in his mid-late 30's,  had not seen the guy sitting next to me for around 20 years.  It seems the two guys had met once out of state - and that was the only time they'd ever known each other.  It also seemed like it could have been at some type of summer camp.  I got the impression the coach hardly knew the guy sitting next to me at all, but knew of his father more.  Anyway, the coach had a message he wanted relayed to this man's father. 

This guy's dad had done something for this coach when he was younger when the two guys briefly knew each other.  The coach was very expressive to the guy sitting next to me that he tell his dad "...that was a very important thing at that time in my life," and that he really appreciated it.  He went on to say there was no one else to help him at that time.  WOW.

Due to the sheer proximity of the seating, I had no choice but to overhear this conversation.  Wow, was I touched!  How lucky was I, that I was witnessing another act of kindness in a world where I feel I am always gifted by them!  It never gets old.

What really touched me was that it was so important to this coach to get his message across, that he was compelled to approach this guy he hardly knew -  after all these years and in front of many spectators, to relay his message.  That's how greatly this gentleman's father had touched the coach's life.  You could tell it had made his day to run into this guy's son, to have this opportunity to get his message of thanks across. 

It goes to show that when we reach out to others, we really don't realize the magnitude of our act of kindness.  We don't realize that its effects can last a lifetime, that someone can be eternally grateful for something that perhaps we didn't even think twice about at the time.

Thought of the day:  We often don't realize what an impact we can make, or the impacts we have made.  We may not realize yet the magnitude of the impacts we hopefully will make.  We CAN be sure however - that if we are trying, we ARE changing lives for the better!

Have a wonderful day!

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