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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paying It Forward

My eight year-old daughter is the sweetest person I know.  She's been wanting to bake cookies for an elderly lady down the street for quite a long time.  We have never met this lady...we don't even know her name.  It's not that we're not friendly neighbors, we are.  I mean, as houses got built up around us, we brought freshly made cannoli to welcome some of our new neighbors, along with our share of housewarming plants.  But this neighbor was already here when we moved in eight years ago, and we never seem to run into her when we're outside.

The other day I surprised the kids with warm, baked cookies as they got home from school and we had several LARGE extra cookies.  I finally let my daughter do what she wanted to do.  We wrapped three of the large cookies up with pretty red plastic wrap, put a little ribbon around them, and off she went.

Initially, she came back disappointed as the lady's phone had rang at the same time she was knocking and the woman didn't answer the door.  At my daughters request, I let her try again a short time later.  This time she came back after being gone about 15 minutes -- skipping up the driveway with a huge smile on her face.  The exchange she had with the lady immensely brightened my daughters day.  Just like I am sure it brightened the woman's day.

I saw my daughters "To-Do" list sitting on her bureau last night as I tucked her into bed.  Item #2 was to visit the lady again.  It looks like she's made a friend.

I think sometimes we need to behave like eight year olds.  No, I'm not talking about running around in mismatched clothes and eating sugary cereals for breakfast (ok, if you really want to!)...But so often we say we're too busy to do for others, but is what we're doing really always that important?  It only takes a few minutes.

I'm convinced it really is the little gestures like this that elevate a day into a much more special experience.  It doesn't take much and doesn't have to be grand, but it does create a ripple effect of happiness. Not just to the person you do it for and the person they do it for, but it has an AMAZING way of making your day special as well!  :-)

What's on your list today to pay it forward?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We all have to start somewhere...

Hello, and welcome!!!  :-)

There is a lot of positive in the world, but unfortunately, there is also a lot of negative.  It seems that the negative stuff is always in our face -- the news, t.v. shows, and especially in the stress each person carries every day from living a hectic lifestyle.  The digital age has made amazing things possible, but with a hefty price tag of adding extra stress into our lives (Remember when you could only get phone calls at home, or when you didn't have to check your Facebook?)  ;-)

I wanted to create a space online for all things positive.  Where you can go to read things that will uplift you, and learn ways to enhance your life.  There are so many small changes we can make that can really impact the life we are living in a positive way! 

I'm committed to making the world a better place and I think that starts with limiting your exposure to all that negativity.  We all have to start somewhere.  I am a firm believer in the power of one person making a difference and the effect that can create of many people living happier lives.

Today's thought of the day?  Do something nice for yourself.   We need to be our own best friends.  

Then tomorrow, we can talk about paying it forward.

Have a GREAT day!