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Friday, April 29, 2011

You're Alive!

You're alive.  
That means you have infinite potential, 
you can do anything, make anything, dream anything.  
If you change the world, the world will change.
Neil Gaiman

News Flash:  You're alive if you're reading this!  Woohoo!  Congratulations!  ;-)

Now I know you already knew that, but just take a second -- a split second to realize just how wonderful that truly is.  Ahhhhh!

As long as we are here, ANYTHING is possible!  It is not too late for anything.  Ok, well, maybe it IS too late for me to start bullriding, I don't think my chiropractor would approve.  However, it is not too late for most dreams!  So often we tell ourselves it is...we lay down excuses.  As long as you are living, there is still time -- and hope!

Life is an amazing thing.  We are so fortunate to be here.  But don't just be here, be involved!  Be creating your dreams.  Make the things you want, happen.  For as long as we are alive, anything AND everything IS possible!

Thought of the day:  You're alive!  You can do, make or dream anything.  You CAN change the world!  What will you do?

Have an AMAZING weekend!


  1. awesome love this as i do all your work

  2. You have great advice i told 2 of my friends about you! Keep writing!