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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a Great Day To Be Alive!

Travis Tritt has it right -- it's a GREAT day to be alive!  How can anyone listen to that song and not feel good?  Even if you don't like country, it's still a "feel good" kind of song.

Well, you know what?  It's a great day to be alive!  Just the fact that you are here is a miracle.  Your waking up today is a precious gift!

We all have hard times, and we all have monotonous days, it doesn't matter who you are.  Even with your limitations of work and errands, today can still be about whatever you choose to create.  You can make it special.  You can celebrate just the fact that you are here and well in some small (or grand) way.

What will you do to enjoy the gift you've been given?

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