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Monday, April 4, 2011

Take Time to Recharge!

We all lead hectic lives -- work, running kids off to practices and games, and the "to-dos" that can just keep you busy at home.  It's really never-ending!  Sometimes, we just need to be reminded -- "TAKE TIME TO RECHARGE!"

I was reminded of that this weekend.  I participated in a building a Community Garden that took up a major part of my weekend.  Only when I got home, I had to run my daughter off to a sleepover 30 minutes away, and then the housework was in my face reminding me that I hadn't been at home at all, and the laundry wasn't going to do itself!  (When technology can tackle that problem, someone please tell me! ;-)

My husband reminded me that the reason I was so exhausted was because we were doing so much.  I didn't want to appear lazy by just "doing nothing" when I got home, but that is exactly that my body was trying to tell me I needed to do.  Sometimes, it's not doing "nothing," but simply recharging.  Our bodies need it!  Our minds need it!  We can't keep going and going!

You charge your batteries when they need it, you charge your phone, your MP3 player...What about YOU?

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Hope you have an amazing Monday!


  1. Was this post directed to any friend in particular :)

  2. LOL! I see I got your attention at "games and practices, eh?" HA HA! It WAS directed at someone you know - someone you like to take Happy Hours with! ;-) You're not as bad as I am, I was the one who was up at 7:30 on Sunday morning, while you said you were going to try to sleep in until noon. You're a good influence on me! :-) My next blog? Take Time To Take Happy Hours! When you see that, you'll know. ;-P