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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've Got The Power!

It started out as a normal shopping trip.  The kids promised to behave.  We only had to get two items..initially.  Then, somehow, it turned into one of "those" trips.  What I swear was an hour and 1/2 long trip with two hyped up, crazy kids.  It was actually sort of contagious.  They were so funny, it was hard not to contribute to their giggliness.

Then came the grand finale...upon exiting the store, my six-year old son catapulted up on one of those giant red Target balls in front of the store...without warning.  Upon which he proceeded to extend his arm as high as he could, and proclaim loudly and proudly for everyone to hear "I have the power!"  Wow. 

He didn't seem to mind the many people that were in very close proximity to him at the time.  He didn't care.  He had the power.  I however, was powerless over the eruption of laughter that erupted from myself, as well  as my daughter.  While everyone within range of the bright red Target ball seemed to be trying to hold in their laughter.  Probably to save me from embarrassment.  If they'd seen me inside the store, they would have known that that ship had long sailed.

My six-year old was right.  He does have the power.  I've also got the power, you have the power, we all have the power.  Not to jump on the bright red Target balls, but to do anything we want.  Anything we desire is within our reach.  Anything is possible...If you believe.

We are exactly what we believe.  If we believe we have limitations, then we do.  If we believe we are limitless, then it is so.  We become what we believe. 

Thought of the day:  Is it time to reset your belief system?  Are you truly believing in yourself so that anything is possible?

Without boundaries we can sail to great heights...



  1. You are a great writer.
    You are right ,
    you got the power!

  2. you tell your wonderful son that if I saw him there doing that I would have joined him and done the same thing......weeeeeeeeee...!!! we have the power.. love this story !

    Jennie Spooner

  3. Thank you so much Jennie, I love the mental image in my head right now of that! You make me smile -- I LOVE your wonderful attitude!!!! XOXO