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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pie In The Face

It was one of "those" days...Actually, I think it had been one of those weekends.  I don't remember the exact details, maybe the kids had been sick, or we were having a stroke of bad luck.  I'd like to say everything was perfect -- but life isn't that way.

We were all getting in a funk and boredom was setting in.  There was a pie in the fridge.  We all needed to alleviate some frustration.  So I had an "out of the box" idea...

The kids were in disbelief as I told them of the plan.  My husband seemed stunned, convinced I'd lost my mind, and petrified of what the cleanup was going to entail.  They didn't believe I would do it.  After my 12-year old was the first recipient of the pie to the face, the other two were begging to be next.  It was actually a pretty amazing moment!

After ten minutes of pie smashing, begging for more turns, and barbaric pie eating, it was over and the massive showers and cleanup had begun.  But something had shifted -- frustration and boredom were gone, and in its place, exhilaration and happiness had arrived.

Sometimes when things aren't going our way, we may need to think outside the box.  Sometimes, we need to be more creative...or more spontaneous.  Sometimes we just need to be more playful.

The kids still talk about "pie in the face night," and it's one of their fondest memories. While I may have started a trend that can come back to haunt me at the next family event where someone brings a pie, it is a memory that they will remember forever.

Thought of the Day:   Life is what we make of it.  There are frustrating, boring, and stressful times.  It's what we do to make them extraordinary, that counts.

Have a wonderful day!

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