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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking Rest

"Do you feel guilty when you take time to rest?  
Even God took a day off when 
He was creating everything, 
so why can't you?  
Know that doing no thing 
is still doing some thing."
Bernie S. Siegel

Do you often feel guilty for doing nothing?  If you do, then know you're not alone!  So often I try to keep going despite my body and mind sending signals that I'm tired and need to rest.  I often feel I can't afford to do nothing.  I couldn't be more wrong.

It's when I'm tired and still trying to accomplish things that I realize that I'm not actually accomplishing anything -- just wasting time.  If my mind is unfocused then I am just going through the motions, with little or nothing in the end to show for it.  This is not accomplishing anything but fatigue.

Rest is critical for energizing and recharging us for the moments ahead in our day and week.  We must learn to listen to our bodies to give them what they need.  Sometimes just a short breather will give us the momentum we need and help us to regain our focus.

Thought of the Day:  Learn to listen to your body.  If it's telling you you need a break, try to honor it's request.  Do not feel guilty for doing "nothing."  As Bernie Siegel states:  "Doing No thing is Doing Something." Our body needs rest to continue serving us properly.

Have a great day!

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