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Monday, November 7, 2011


A great piece with a valuable reminder for everyone!  I hope you enjoy!

By:  Dan Coppersmith
Reprinted with Permission
How our life
Turns out to be
Should not be deemed
A mystery

The epic saga
Will unfold
According to
The beliefs we hold

Merely accepting
A belief as true
Invests attention
In that view

After which
The world will show
What it is
We think we know

On this proof
The ego grows
Inflated by
This thing it knows

As it grows
Our minds close
And we see only
What we chose

Other views
No matter how pristine
Remain obscure
And can’t be seen

We can’t change
And we can’t grow
‘Till we look beyond
What we know

Our beliefs are reflected
In the world outside
Let your life
Be your guide

Question all
You take for granted
We only harvest
What’s been planted.

Have a beautiful day!

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