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Monday, November 14, 2011

Keep in the Sunlight

"Do not anticipate trouble or worry 
about what may never happen. 
 Keep in the sunlight."
Benjamin Franklin

I like Benjamin Franklin's advice.  Worry can become an addicting and destructive habit.  Most of the things we have a tendency to worry about are not even real, meaning they are not even in existence in our current life.  The majority of things we worry about do not end up happening!  So why should we spend the time and energy on them?

Thought of the Day:  Don't play that game!  Spend your time on the things you CAN control and don't worry about the "what-if's."  Use your time and energy enjoying the life you have.  Have confidence that things will turn out the way you expect.  Pray and trust that God and the universe will provide.  Keep in the sunlight!

Have a beautiful day!

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