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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Applying Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very powerful word.  It really can be a life changer.  It is the difference between being just here, and actually being present.

We all need to employ mindfulness into our day.  If we are not being mindful, we are not fully living our experience.  To be mindful in our work means to actually be focused and productive.  To be mindful with the loved ones that surround us means to be actually paying attention to what they are saying and feeling.  Being mindful with what we eat and drink means to actually taste what is nourishing our body, and being thankful for receiving it.

Applying mindfulness in our lives can be the difference between just being here and truly being present.  To be truly experiencing all that we are living in and that which surrounds us.  It's like a sense of awakening -- to where we are no longer ignoring, but rather appreciating, that which life is gifting us with.

Thought of the Day:  This is a reminder to employ mindfulness in your daily life.  There are many gifts that you are missing out on.  Choose to be more mindful in everything you do.  See the goodness that is surrounding you!