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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Fulfilling Friday"

I have a confession:  The Black Friday advertisements that have been showing up for a week now really irk me.  Don't get me wrong, I am all about bargains, especially in today's economy with a very tight budget.  But there is something sacred about Thanksgiving.  After a day of working in the kitchen, entertaining and enjoying family, it's time to sink into bed with a grateful heart and well...go to sleep.  I find it almost offensive that it is suggested I go out when the clock strikes midnight into in the cold darkness -- in search of the best buys for the upcoming holiday.  What happened to celebrating the current holiday?

Several years ago, my family and I decided to revolt against Black Friday.  We decided to use that day as more of a "loving Friday," an extension of Thanksgiving with our children.  A day to spend one-on-one time as a family enjoying the extra day off.  To lounge, relax, go hiking in the woods (weather permitting), and spend quality time with the kids after a busy holiday.

So as we approach "Black Friday," here are a few thoughts.  If you enjoy waking up in the middle of the night or going to sleep really late for those bargains and have fun doing it, then by all means enjoy and have a great time!  Be safe.  But if you don't, I give you permission to stay in bed. You'll still have a month until the next holiday, there will still be bargains to be found.  Enjoy the day off.  Get the rest you didn't get the day before.

Regardless of our personal choices, let us remember:

On this day after Thanksgiving, let us purchase less, but give more.

Let us remember those really in need this holiday season -- those less fortunate than ourselves, and help in whatever way we can.

Let us remember that our loved ones don't really need the latest gadget, for our time and attention could be a more impacting and lasting gift.

Let us keep things in perspective - despite what all the advertising says, the greatest gifts do not come from stores.

Let us enjoy downtime with our family -- playing games in front of a fire, enjoying leftovers, talking a walk in the woods -- instead of what commercials say we should be doing.

Let us appreciate and enjoy more of the things we gave thanks for yesterday.

Have a beautiful day!

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