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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weeding Your "Life Garden"

A Positive Living Chic fan recently said "Think of life as a rose garden...keep pulling the weeds and soon you will have a magical place to enjoy and share!"  Thank you Bill Dewayne!  I couldn't agree more!  
We should think of our life as a rose garden.  Our lives should have the same opportunity to be every bit as beautiful, and we should tend to our life in quite the same way a gardener would meticulously tend to a rose garden.
Every so often, we really need to take some time to "pull the weeds" so to speak.  It's so easy to get off track in life and fall into undesirable habits.  "The weeds" can refer to anything in our lives - anything undesirable that we spend our time on or that does not fulfill us and distracts us from our goals.  Some examples include indulging in too much tv or technology time, unhealthy eating, negative thoughts and/or behaviors, unfulfilling or unhealthy relationships, or other unrewarding activities.  When our "garden" is overrun with these weeds, it is not a magical place to enjoy and share!
We need to eliminate these things to allow for more fulfilling activities.  It is only when we are doing things that are aligned with our truest intentions that we can fully bloom.  
Thought of the Day:  Are there weeds in your "life garden?"  It's time to identify those habits that derail you from realizing your goals.  It's time to pull those things from your life which are not fulfilling to you.  In doing so, you are making room to grow and bloom!
Have a beautiful day!


  1. Get rid of anything or anyone who is not fulfilling,pull them out of your life and move on.Life is short there are enough lemons around to sour your outlook on life. You are special don't let anyone tell you any different. God loves us and expects us to love and help others not just our close friends and family.

  2. I couldn't agree more! Sometimes, the weeds are toxic people and their relationships. I don't allow negative people into my close circle, life is too short. Surround yourself with positive people, and what you will get is love and positivity surrounding you! Helping others IS a wonderful thing! Thank you for your beautiful comments my friend! :-)

  3. True, life is so short. I like to give people a chance, but if the relationship is too toxic.. you just have to move on for your own mental health and best interests!

  4. Eric, agreed! :-) There are only so many chances you can give (and should give) before you have to walk away and save yourself. The best thing we can do is to identify those potential toxic relationships as they are forming and step away. Thanks for your comment!!! :-)