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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Heart of the World

"As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls 
and birds and winds sing. 
I'll interpret the rocks, 
learn the language of flood, 
storm, and the avalanche. 
I'll acquaint myself with the glaciers 
and wild gardens, 
and get as near the heart of the 
world as I can."
John Muir

Here's a secret - I may be in love with John Muir!  Now hold on, don't all start sending emails to my husband -- I may be in love with John Muirs' way of thinking!  ;-)

John Muir was an amazing individual!   Besides being a naturalist, an author, and a leader of preservation efforts in the US wilderness, he had an incredible ability to appreciate nature - the way nature should be appreciated!

I see nature as God's gift to us - the sky, his easel.  Just look at the sky at sunrise or sunset and he will show you his beautiful artwork each day. 

There is beauty in the rock formations, the spring and summer gardens and there is intense beauty in the forests.  Even the simpliest forms of nature -- an apple or pecan orchard, the sound of the birds chirping, the scent of a spring rain - are a gift to us.

Today's society has distanced itself too far from nature.  However, it is out there waiting to give us its benefits if we just take some time to appreciate it.  By being in touch with nature, I, like John Muir, believe that we can get "nearest to the heart of the world" as is possible!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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