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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Positive Spaces

We all know that we need a sanctuary-type space in our home (if you missed that "how-to" article in May, you can find the link at the bottom of this post). But did you know that every now and then you really should take a look around and "clean-up" your space?  Now I don't mean clean up as in the traditional sense.  I mean a sweep of your house where you eliminate what no longer serves you -- anything that has negative qualities to it.  Broken objects, projects that you've procrastinated on, clutter, etc. all fall within this category.  All of these "negative" things can begin to weigh you down over time.

If you are not doing this in your home, you are missing out.  We often don't realize that these things weigh us down because we may be used to seeing them. But do know that they do affect you!

To make sure your home is a positive space, take time every once in a while to go through your home and eliminate anything that could produce negativity.  Of course you want to get rid of broken things and eliminate and donate your excess -- these are good ways to start.  Also beneficial are clearing out the clutter and returning things to their proper location.  Going through room-by-room with eyes geared towards identifying negative things will help you be more aware of what's weighing you down.  You may be surprised at what you find.

Photos are great, but you can sometimes get a lift by updating them.  Plants and flowers can make us feel good, but not if they're dying (guilty).  Living plants are great to have in the home.  I like to bring in as many outside elements as I can.

Make sure your home represents WHO you are.  Moving items to another room or putting out a few seasonal decorations can refresh things.  Allow fresh air to flow and sunshine in on a regular basis.  Doing these things will greatly increase the positive energy in your home.

Procrastination should be avoided at all costs.  I realize that there are always more pressing issues that cause other things to be delayed, so try to set aside a little bit of time each week where you deal with the less pressing issues so they don't build up.  Otherwise, these things will accumulate over time and really drag you down -- oftentimes without your realizing it.  Our subconscious mind does pick up on these things and does get reminded of these unfinished tasks every time we walk by them.   Don't take on these unnecessary stressors.   It feels so much better when you can manage these tasks as they come along.

Here's wishing you a VERY positive space!  We all need one in order to live a healthy, positive lifestyle!

Have a wonderful day!

Instructions on creating a sanctuary to all my new fans who may have missed it in May: Creating a Sanctuary

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