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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Night Sky

“For my part I know nothing with any 
certainty, but the sight of the stars 
makes me dream.”
Vincent van Gogh

There is no other time nature shows off quite as much as when it displays its ever-changing masterpiece in the night sky.  While so many of us are rushing home from work, cooking dinner and preparing for the next day, the night sky is undergoing several transformations.

It begins as an artist's palette of beautiful sunset colors, and continues as the sky darkens and the constellations begin to appear.  Beautiful tree tops line its background.  Its beauty is captivating throughout all of its scenic transitions.

The night sky reminds us of enormity of life, the bigger picture.  It helps us to remember that our presence here is intentional and orchestrated by a higher power.

Thought of the Day:  Take time to appreciate the beauty the night sky has to offer this weekend.  Lay out some blankets or lie on a trampoline and gaze at the night sky with your kids or significant other.  Watch as the sky begins its transformation and really appreciate the show.  Count as the stars arrive; you will be amazed at how many more appear minute-by-minute.  Make a bonfire, roast up some s'mores, or pitch a tent in the backyard or the woods.  It never hurts to wish on a star, I can tell you that wishes do come true!  The night sky is out there waiting to show you it's magnificence -- don't miss the show!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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