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Monday, October 31, 2011

This is My Day...

This is my day.  
I will shape my day the way I want it to be.  
I will react less and plan more.  
I will not let outside influences negatively affect me.  
As a sentinel safeguards a treasure, I will protect my day.  
I choose to see the phenomenal beauty in today.
Positive Living Chic

Our days are a phenomenal gift.  We realize the magnitude...but some days get the best of us.  So when that happens, just pick yourself up again and recite your intentions about how you WANT your day to go.

You see, we all fall off track.  We all have bad days.  I am not immune to disasters, chaos, feeling overwhelmed, challenges, etc.  When this happens, I just chalk it up as a lesson learned and apply my new lessons to the next day... and move on.  

Life's lessons are sometimes a gift.  They may not feel like it, but they are there to teach us how to do things differently.  If we are hearing the lessons, we are growing.  Sometimes we don't hear and we need to repeat the lesson.

Thought of the Day:  This is YOUR day.  Don't spend it reacting to events; plan how you will spend your time.  Safeguard your day like it is the most valuable treasure.  It is.  Plan to see the beauty in today!

Have a fantastic day!

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