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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Attitude You Bring to Life

"Your living is determined not so 
much by what life brings to you 
as by the attitude you bring to life; 
not so much by what happens to you 
as by the way your mind looks 
at what happens. 
Kahlil Gibran

We can not always be completely in control over what happens to us.  While we can take many steps to prevent undesirable things from occurring (by being proactive, organized, and living with intention to name just a few), undesirable things can and will still happen.  They are a part of life.

However we are in control of how we choose to view what happens to us and how we respond to it.  Our responses pave the way for our future -- our future moods, feelings, days, experiences.  Our future happiness is affected by how we respond to these events.  

Thought of the Day:  It's time to examine how are you are looking at and responding to things.  What kind of attitude do you bring to life?  The biggest change one can make is how they respond to the things that occur.  Changing our reactions can grant us an unlimited amount of freedom that can allow us to be happy in life, even when situations aren't perfect.  It can help us look beyond these imperfections.  

Have a great day!

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