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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Treat Yourself

My daughter has been telling me since last week: "treat yourself today." Honestly, I keep forgetting.  But my daughter is wise beyond her years.  She has a point.

We're often so on the go that we forget to stop and do something nice for ourselves.  These are the precious days of our lives, we have to treasure them. We don't get to repeat them.  So today I shall treat myself.  I plan to treat myself with snuggles with my children this morning as they are just awaking.  I plan to treat myself with a nice big pot of jasmine green tea and a stay-home day (mostly) to watch the rain coming down.  I plan to treat myself by opening the neglected book that has been sitting on my night table for five weeks.  I plan to treat myself and my family to a nice, homemade pot of spaghetti sauce because we've done such a good job of juicing our dinners for the past 10 days.  I'll also make my children's favorite garlic bread.  I may even treat myself and my husband to a Starbucks coffee for dessert.

Am I going overboard?  Well, maybe.  But all work and no play does not make for a Positive Living Chic.  We all need to stop and treat ourselves occasionally. It is in doing so that we can give to others after our needs are fulfilled.  And after all, I've been ordered to by my daughter!  ;-)  Who am I to set a bad example?

Thought of the Day:  You have been ordered too!  It's time to treat yourself. Take a few minutes out of the day (or the whole day, I won't tell!) and do something nice for yourself.  You are always doing for others, today it's your turn.  Don't feel selfish -- when we care for our own needs, we will feel reinvigorated to care for others.  What will you do to treat yourself today?

Have a wonderful day!

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