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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Single Candle

Thousands of candles can be lit from 
a single candle, 
and the life of the candle will 
not be shortened. 
Happiness never decreases by being shared. 

You are a light in this world.  Your light is visible to everyone you come in contact with.  If you shine, you help their light shine a little brighter.  If they shine, they help someone else's light shine a little brighter.  And so it continues.  All due to one flame.

Happiness does not decrease by being shared, but it does increase.  The best way to make yourself happy is by doing something for someone else.  It feels good to give.  It feels great to help people.  It makes their light shine.  It makes yours shine even brighter.  

You never know what the person sitting next to you is going through.  Everyone is usually going through something.  They just may not tell you about it.  So you may not realize the enormous impact your light may have on them.

Thought of the Day:  Be the light that lights up someone's darkness.  Be the light that makes other's light shine brighter.  In return, you light will shine brightly for all to see.

Have a great weekend!

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