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Monday, August 22, 2011

Wash Your Spirit Clean!

"Keep close to Nature's heart...
and break clear away, once in awhile, 
and climb a mountain 
or spend a week in the woods. 
Wash your spirit clean."
John Muir

Nature.  One of the most unrealized resources for wholeness and well-being.  I can not possibly emphasize just how important it is.  Connecting to nature is instrumental to recharging, rejuvenating, and washing your spirit clean.

Today's society is nature "deficient."  When we are stuck indoors, we miss out on the therapeutic effects that the outside world can provide.  Get outside and experience all that it has to offer:  calmness... serenity... healing, and love!

It doesn't have to take rearranging your schedule; it can be as simple as having your morning coffee on the back porch, taking the kids for a walk around a neighborhood pond, or enjoying lunch at a park.  Perhaps it's a good day to skip the gym and instead go for a nice walk outside.  No matter how you fit it into your day, you can be sure that nature has a gift of serenity -- that's just there for the taking.

Thought of the Day:  Does your spirit need to be "washed clean"?  Are you taking advantage of all that nature has to offer?  Just as we need to eat properly and exercise, we also need to be out in nature so that we may receive it's calming and rejuvenating benefits.  Make sure you take time to rejuvenate your spirit today.

Have a wonderful day!

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