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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Establishing Boundaries

Boundaries are an essential part of life -- we all need them.  Think of them as a healthy barrier of "mental protection."  We can't live a healthy and positive lifestyle without putting some boundaries in place.

There are many types of boundaries.  The kind we need to implement will depend on our own sensitivities or vulnerabilities.  Determining what type we need to set requires some introspection and identification of any areas of our life that are not running smoothly.

Establishing a boundary can be as simple as keeping phone calls to a minimum, downsizing Facebook friends to immediate friends and family only, or responding to emails only when it is convenient.  Or it can be more developed such as avoiding people who drain you of your positive energy, saying no to events that clutter up your calendar, or not letting people take advantage of your time, energy or talents.

A person without boundaries often feels stressed, frustrated, and overworked -- or even taken advantage of.  This does not make for a positive person, but one that is on his or her way to resentment and negativity.  Don't let that be you!  Just applying small boundaries (i.e. time management, energy management, or people management) can produce drastic results!

Thought of the Day:  Has your life gotten too complex?  Could establishing some healthy boundaries help?  Perhaps it's time to evaluate where you may need to set them and proceed accordingly.  We are not being selfish by setting  boundaries -- rather, we are managing our time and energies more effectively.  By doing so, we are able to be more productive which will allow us to do more good in the world!

Have a great day!