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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dare Mighty Things!

Far better is it to dare mighty things, 
to win glorious triumphs, 
even though checkered by failure... 
than to rank with those poor spirits who 
neither enjoy nor suffer much, 
because they live in a gray twilight 
that knows not victory nor defeat. 
Theodore Roosevelt

Failure -- it gets a bad rap.  What is your definition of failure?  If you tried something and did not succeed, would you consider that having failed?  

If you are trying new things and taking risks, then there will occasionally be results that do not meet the expected outcome.  There will be times you do fall short.  If you are learning from these experiences, it is not a failure.  It is a life-lesson, designed to make you more prepared for the next time you try.

I would have to agree with Theodore Roosevelt on this one that failure then is the absence of trying anything new or taking risks.  To grow as an individual will always require some change, some risk, some venturing into the unknown.  We should always be evolving.  To not be doing so results in stagnant living -- which in my definition, is not truly living!

Thought of the Day:  Is it time to reset your definition of failure?  Is there something you've been meaning to do that you've been putting off out of fear of not succeeding?  It's time to put yourself out there.  Failure is the absence of trying!

Have an amazing day!

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