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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love Comes in all Different Shapes and Sizes

My husband is a sweetheart.  Once in a while, as a special treat, he will go out and get us a Starbucks coffee as the kids are getting tucked into bed.  He'll order my peppermint mocha (decaf, you don't want to see me with too much caffeine). He'll even have them put in the green stopper thing, knowing that if he didn't, it would be cold by the time the kids were done with me.  This is just one of the hundreds of ways he shows me he loves me.

My daughter is the sweetest person I know.  She leaves love notes and pictures for me all over the house.  It's rare that I go shopping without a love note written from her at the top of my grocery list.  There are also love notes in the bathroom waiting for me.  This is how I know she loves me.

My oldest son is always helping out with chores.  He seldom walks by without giving anyone a hug.  He's never cranky, and always has good intentions.  This is his way of showing that he loves me.

My youngest son reminds me of those mixed nuts you can buy at the store -- you know the kind, labeled "Sweet and Spicy?"  That's him!  He's always keeping things interesting to say the least, and always makes me laugh.  But he also is very sweet and tender and loving.  These are the ways he shows me he loves me.

Love doesn't always come in a standard shape or size, but rather in different shapes and sizes.  Sometimes, it's a Starbucks coffee just as you are winding down after a busy day.  Or a sandwich that was made with love by someone who knew you were hungry.  Sometimes it is a note waiting for you on your grocery list or night table, or a phone call or email from someone you haven't heard from in awhile.  Sometimes its the donation of an organ to someone eagerly waiting for a transplant.  Always, no matter what shape or size, it is love for both the sender AND the recipient.

Thought of the Day:   With love coming in all different shapes and sizes, it can sometimes be easy to overlook.  Take time today to think about all the shapes and sizes that you convey and are conveyed love.  You don't want to be missing out of them!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love it! Nathan

  2. beautifully written!! and today I see many people I know searching for their so called 'true-love'!! but the girl whom they love should be pretty enough & thin enough :/ guys to be big and muscular!! well these are the one's unaware of what true love really is !! and so I really agree that Love really comes in all shapes & sizes :) and most of us really overlook the same :)

  3. Thank you Ruchica. Hope you are having a beautiful day!